Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better than Netbooks in 2010

 Many of us could have postponed our purchase late last year for what's to come in 2010.  Rumors have surfaced that manufacturers will beef up netbook features to create higher margins.  For this post, I'll share more about some trends expected to grow in mobile computing.    

(image credit: PCLaunches.com)

New Atom Processors.  The Pinetrail is a more highly integrated version of the Atom that combines the memory and graphics controller (PineView) on the same chip as the processor.  This makes it cheaper to produce and consumes less power.

 (image credit: HardwareInsight.com)

The Smartbooks.  Like the one pictured above are smaller and cheaper than netbooks, but are beefed up smartphones.  They'll have 3G antennas and could be subsidized by mobile phone network providers.  How would you like to surf the Internet rightaway with a flick of the switch?  Talk about boot-up speed no more.

Tablet PCs.  It's not just Apple who's had this covered with the iPad.  Dell, Fujitsu, and Samsung are just a few gaining momentum for a share of the pie.  A tablet PCs form factor offers more mobile computing and may be used instead where a notebook becomes impractical or bulky.(image credit: CNET.com)

If I were to choose among the three, I'd get a hybrid, not the Prius, but a hybrid of a slate pc and the notebook by using a detachable keyboard which holds the slate pc in place and is rotatable.  Either way, I both have the power of a notebook and the mobility of a tablet in one. 

What would you choose to be your next gadget?


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  2. @majestas - i have noticed that too. i'll get back to you with a choosypinoy post about 'powerful' cameras soon.