Thursday, February 25, 2010

Microsoft Thin Client: Definitely not me

One computer shared by many was a dream.  Microsoft turns it into a reality.  The ThinClient platform dubbed Windows MultiPoint server 2010 will allow a whole room of 10 users using a single computer.                             
(credit: Microsoft)

The technology allows 10 setups each to have their own keyboard, mouse, and a monitor all running on a single server.

This will definitely help answer the plans of getting computers into public schools in the Philippines.  Microsoft should make this cheaper as the purpose of sharing a server is to save on hardware and software licenses.  This will most likely ease maintenance and save space.

Cost-effective, less eWaste.  Small businesses with 10-to-less heads in one office is also seen to benefit with MultiPoint.  In the Philippines especially, it won't be a surprise that Internet Cafes be the first to use MultiPoint.  Plus, when time to upgrade, we only dispose 1, not 10.

I wish we could see more of this in the near future.

Do you see this technology fit in your workplace?

Way to go Microsoft!
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