Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to find the Best Broadband Service

If you got here through Google Search, you are probably looking for a broadband service will best fit you and your budget.  Or you are probably not happy with your present service and in-search for the best there is.
I don't have the answer really, But what I have are tips to help us find one.  The Best service will not always be the same, and are totally subjective.  Let me share my thoughts on this.  Share yours as comments.

Some factors I feel important to consider when choosing for the best broadband service:

  • Ask yourself, how much time will you spend online?  If you need to be online every day and needs broadband service at home, then you surely need a good and fast service.  If not, then you might want to consider prepaid plans.  They're more flexible but tends to be more expensive if used often.
  • Know the available broadband service providers in your area.  Ask your friends, officemates, your neighbors, they are probably the best source of information.  Watch TV, broadband service is always part of the regular advertisements.  Check out the yellow pages.  Google them. 
  • Don't stop with one, the more, the better.  You'll need to have at least 2 to make a comparison.
  • Make a list and get their hotline or phone number.  Call them up and ask if they their service is available in your area.
  • Ask questions that will help you get a good and always-available service.

  • Next to Availability is the Speed.  How fast will your chosen service be in your area?  Ask your neighbors about the broadband service they have.  Listen carefully, are they satisfied with the speed?  If you can, kindly ask your neighbor if you can try their broadband connection yourself.  This is probably the best way to decide, first hand.
  • Speed is also an object of the type of service you choose.  You can choose the cheapest and get the slowest speed available.  Chose the most expensive and you'll be offered the best and fasted connection they can offer.

  • Local service providers' often publish their rates online.  Look them up. Check what is within your budget.
  • Make a comparison among competing service providers available.  
  • Consider the service providers that offer good deals and discounts.  Some charges the cost of their modems and installation fees.  Ask for promos, you'll get some fees waived or put them on installment.
  • Ask for contracts and pre-termination fees.  You don't want to be surprised if you cut your service earlier than than expected.
  • Along with Price is the ease of payment.  If you have a credit/debit card, consider those that offer direct debit to your account or those affiliated with your online savings account.  You'll save time and money by doing transactions online.
The 4 I mentioned are just a few that I feel as a choosy consumer would normally consider and ask himself. 
Me, I didn't sign up for any.  I shared the connection with a neighbor.  For a third of the monthly subscription fee, no contract, no pre-termination fees, no strict overdue dates, 24x7 high speed internet from PLDT.

What broadband service do you have?  Are you happy with the service overall?
Were you able to share from a neighbor? What other things should we consider in choosing the best broadband service for us juans?


  1. I am using Smartbro Canopy Type... I haven't encounter any problem yet with this new connection.

  2. good for you then! I haven't heard much complains about smart bro's service yet. be it canopy or plugits.

  3. zan, i used two. smart and globe because it depends what location iam in. smart is good in manila, globe not much. globe is poor in baguio but smart is speeding up there (300Mbps minimum, can't believe it either)

  4. do you use 3g through both of your networks chin?